Saturday, April 21, 2012

OT Writing in c++

As well as being a writer and a reader, I prepare documentation for Vinux, a Linux distro for the visually impaired based on Ubuntu. In this community there are many talented people. Storm Dragon is teaching a c++ class via Mangler.

I worked as an applications programmer for eighteen years. I taught myself a little C. Now I am learning to program in c++, compiling and running my own programs on my own computer. It's fun.

I enjoyed programming because it was writing. Instead of writing paragraphs, I wrote blocks of code. I wrote in a structured form and as clearly as possible so that someone else could update my code quickly and easily when necessary.

Now that I am assigned programs to write for class, I am again faced with the necessity of choosing meaningful variable and function names, writing concisely and clearly and learning the correct syntax. Consistency counts just as it counts in pros. A well-chosen variable name is like choosing the right word in a poem.

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